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Re. CD writer

I now think that I should explain how I have set up my
computer because what I thought should be irrelevant
may somehow be the cause of my troubles. I welcome

I have separate partitions on my hard drive for
WindowsXP and two versions of Debian woody. I think of
one Debian partition as my working version and my
other as my testing version, a place where I can try
out new programs until I am sure that they work and
not spoil my working system. When something works, I
then install it on my working partition. This system
worked well with my upgrade to KDE 3.1.4.

All that I have written about my kernel has been on my
testing partition.Here is a posible complication that
could be causing my trouble. The lilo that controls my
computer is in the working woody partition. However,
in the final step of installing a new kernel, lilo is
used. Because I did not want my whole computer messed
up, I installed the lilo with the new kernel
information on the testing partition not the MBR. I
then copied the information that the upgrade process
installed in lilo.conf to the lilo.conf on my working
woody partition. 

I can still boot into any of the three partitions
using lilo. The testing partition has the 2.4.22
kernel and I can use this partition to go on the
internet or print. However cat /proc/devices tells me
that I have ide devices not scsi devices, although I
made the change in creating the kernel.

The question is whether my computer is defaulting to
the original 2.4.22 and ignoring the upgraded version.
If this is the explanation, and I have my doubts, how
can I get the computer to use the upgraded kernel
which I have every reason to believe is installed?

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