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A note to Emacs `debview' and `debbugs-el' users


The debview package (an Emacs mode to view Debian packages) and the
debbbugs-el package (Emacs helpers for the Debian BTS) have been merged
into a new package called `debian-el':

debian-el: Emacs helpers specific to Debian users
 This package contains:

  apt-sources.el: major mode for editing Debian sources.list files;
  apt-utils.el: interface to APT (Debian package management);
  debian-bug.el: an Emacs command to submit a bug report;
  deb-view.el: view contents of Debian package, similarly to tar-mode;
  gnus-BTS.el: provides buttons for bug numbers seen in Gnus messages.

The package in unstable should work on woody without problems.


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