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Re: login-delay after boot

Damien Solley wrote:
This sounds a bit like problems I had when logging in with a
misconfigured localhost line in my /etc/hosts file. What does the line
beginning with "" read in yours? For example, mine reads:       localhost localhost.localdomain serenity
If this is configured correctly, then maybe you could try a different
login manager, ie:
	apt-get install gdm
Hope this helps,

thanks for your answer - however:

my hosts file is pretty ok:	localhost	looney.looneynet.ch looney

actually i do not use a login manager right now (plain console). before i used gdm but it was pretty much the same annoying behaviour. i am also not able to login through ssh at boot- and firstlogin time, albeit i start ssh at an earlier stage as in debian-default (and therefore it is rather difficult to monitor what is happening at exactly this time...).

some more ideas out there?


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