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Re: Host Name; WWW.mydomain.com

* Thomas Kroljic (tkroljic@covad.net) [031013 15:56]:
> All,
>    First off I'm a newbie to linux. I recently installed Debian Linux
> (woody) on a Dell Optiplex. During the installation process, I set the
> following: installed Apache Web Server, used a host name of
> "Debian-Dimension", used a static IP address, and also assign a domain
> name that I registered called mydomain.com.
>    Problem: if i use a browser on another machine and type
> www.mydomain.com, I get the standard "Page can not be displayed" (can
> not find server or DNS) but if I type in
> debian-dimension.mydomain.com, the first webpage for this site
> appears.

It's much easier for someone to answer your question if you don't munge
the facts about the problem.  I'm sure you don't mean you actually got
mydomain.com.  What is your real domain?  If we knew that, we could use
'dig' to find out some information about how you are set up and see what
is missing/incorrect.

My initial guess is that you don't have an entry for 'www.mydomain.com',
so that doesn't resolve to anything.  You probably want www to be a
CNAME for mydomain.com.

good times,
						--Nick Moffitt
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