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Re: Programmer for hire

Dominique Devriese wrote:
Bob Tilley writes:

I would like to wet my feet in the Open Source pool.  Can anyone
suggest any needy Projects?  I can do C, C++, Pascal, Assembly,
etc. and would like to put my talents to work to give something back
to the Community that has given my desktop so much.

A project that I personally think is important and would be fun to
work on, is the Debian installer.  It will be the first portable
installer in any GNU/Linux distro, fills a very real need of the
Debian project, and looks very promising to me..

Maybe you can build a KDE based front-end for it, or something like
that ?

Check this page for more info:


Speaking as one who has fumbled Debian's install several times, I concur. It seems that the install process is overly and unecessarily complicated. It wants you to make decisions that could just as well be made after you have a minimum basic operating system running that would let you customize your computer according to your needs instead of doing it even before Debian starts to install. For example, why should you need even consider if whether or not to configure for networking during the install procedure if it be done after a basic Debian is running?

Compare Debian's install with the one used by KNOPPIX and you'll see what I mean.

I'm sure there'd be many Linux fans who would really appreciate a
a simpler Debian install procedure.

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