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Re: login-delay after boot

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 18:11, [loonyx | rolf joho] wrote:
> [loonyx | rolf joho] wrote:
> > my woody-box drives me mad:
> > 
> > after boot, wen the login-prompt appears, i can enter a username, but
> > then i have to wait ~4 MINUTES!!! until i can enter my password.
> > it's not that my machine was so superslow ( it worked right on earlier
> > setups). also subsequent logins behave as one woud expect...
> > i have no idea where to look for a solution, so any hint would be great.
> > 
> I have to add that, after i logged in, X starts veeery slow if started 
> for the first time. again subsequen X-restarts do well...
> rolf

This sounds a bit like problems I had when logging in with a
misconfigured localhost line in my /etc/hosts file. What does the line
beginning with "" read in yours? For example, mine reads:       localhost localhost.localdomain serenity
If this is configured correctly, then maybe you could try a different
login manager, ie:
	apt-get install gdm
Hope this helps,

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