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Re: simply mutt (Re: Mutt with evolution)

duck wrote:

Alternatively you could bind the f12 key to fetchmail as I have:
macro index <f12> "!fetchmail\n"

fetchmailconf is working fine in sid (used it yesterday).

For running fetchmail periodically I am using gnome's inbox monitor
applet (execute fetchmail before each update). I prefer not to use the
daemon method (/etc/fetchmailrc) as this method allows running fetchmail
manually without becoming root. crontab is good too (crontab -u).

You dont need to be root to run fetchmail as a daemon. Use the -d parameter when you start fetchmail and supply a time interval. It'll run in the background as you and poll mail every N seconds. When I used fetchmail, I would have it start in the background when I logged in.


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