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Re: Help, OSX vs Linux

on Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 02:26:37PM -0400, Roberto Sanchez (rcsanchez97@yahoo.es) wrote:

> For example, a couple of months ago I transitioned my Lab's
> email/webserver from RedHat 9 to Debian.  The previous admin had
> tons-o-crap installed, including a full desktop environment, GNOME,
> KDE, and all the RedHat GUI server management tools.  

The SOP at a number of places I've worked, and others I've heard of,
some with very experienced admins, is to do a "kitchen sink" RH install.

You end up with a lot of extraneous crud.  OTOH, since it's such a pain
to add/remove packages after install, this is the tract a lot of shops

> Now, space is not really a major concern since the hard drive has 40
> GB (in base-10) capacity, but is there ever really a legitimate need
> for a web/email server to run a graphical desktop.  I'm sure there are
> a few, but those are by far the exception.

My gripe is that the RH install leaves you with 8,000 packages (stock
8/9 install) to worry about.  With the Debian install, you've just got
the stuff you've put on the box.  Less shit == less shit to go wrong.
St. Exuperey.


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