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Re: Games for 1-2 year old child. Recommendations wanted.

Err, I'm with Klaus on this. I'm not gonna tell ya how to bring your kid up, but I was in front of screens that young and I have myopia. When kids're young they sit a few inchs away from a screen because their eyes can at that age. The problem is when you get older and you subconsciously force your eyes to do it. Eeventually, you start straining the muscles that focus your eyes. I was having cracking headaches for a couple of years, and eventually my GP told me to go to the opticians.

klaus imgrund wrote:

On Sunday 05 October 2003 14:40, Andrew Perrin wrote:
On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Bengt Thure'e wrote:

Thanks, but it sort of demands an internet connection. I hope I can use
a very old laptop (Pentium 100), and no internet connection... Just to
put her somewhere and she can hack and slash at the keyboard... :-)

My son has loved emacs for just this application since he was about 11
months old.

I know that this is probably flamebait - but is there any specific reason a 1-2 year old child has to play with a computer? I know that all the geeks have proof that this actually improves social interaction but I am a little old fashioned.



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