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Re: Holy Spam!

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 01:25:16PM -0400, Dan Anderson wrote:
> 5) Make anybody e-mailing to your address who is not on your whitelist
> (besides listservs!) respond to an automatic reply to be added to your
> whitelist.  Most spammers won't respond (although people on the listserv
> may get angry and block your e-mail. See caveat re: listservs).

It isn't just people on listserv's that will be annoyed: please never
send automatic replies; the "from" address is a lie anyway.

I'm assuming that this sort of automatic reply is the reason a large
proportion of my junk mail appears to be bounce messages: the Swen
virus, or something, is using my address on its mail as the "from"
address and clueless virus software is sending me oh-so-helpful messages
telling me I'm infected.

--Bruce Fields

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