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Re: seeking mailing list from SQL

martin f krafft said on Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 10:11:15PM +0200:
> also sprach Mark Ferlatte <ferlatte@cryptio.net> [2003.10.02.2156 +0200]:
> > remove_members --all mylist
> > mysql -h localhost -e "SELECT email from people" mydb | \
> > 	add_members -n - -c n -w n mylist
> I know about the script possibility, but what then if someone
> unsubscribes from the mailinglist a minute before a new mail is
> sent. People get annoyed about these things, trust me. And I can't
> run a cron script every minute. I'd much rather have the mailing
> list manager contact the database when it's needed.

Well, are you _sure_ you can run a cron every minute?  I mean, seriously, have
you tried it?  Depending on your situation, it might not be that bad.  Or every
5 minutes, even?

I don't have any suggestions other than that, though.


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