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Re: seeking mailing list from SQL

martin f krafft said on Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 04:22:56PM +0200:
> I am looking for a mailing list manager that can pull a single
> list's membership list from a configurable SQL datasource. Nothing
> like sympa, which can either completely live in a SQL database, or
> not at all. No, I want to be able to say:
>   the subscriberlist for mylist is obtained by "select email from
>   people" against database mydb on host localhost
> while
>   the subscriberlist for otherlist is obtained by "select addr from
>   folks" against database customers on host db.mydomain.com
> these are just examples, but you get the picture, no?
> How can I realise the above? Is there a tool for that?

It's a pretty easy script:

remove_members --all mylist
mysql -h localhost -e "SELECT email from people" mydb | \
	add_members -n - -c n -w n mylist

remove_members -all otherlist
mysql -h db.mydomain.com -u foo -p "SELECT addr FROM folks" customers | \
	add_members -n - -c n -w n otherlist

This is for mysql/mailman, but you get the idea.


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