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Re: Do we really need to worry about viruses

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 14:04, Alan Shutko wrote:
> Michael D Schleif <mds@helices.org> writes:
> > In fact, just this week, I am engaged with a prominent software
> > development company, and every one of the developers develops on
> > various Linux boxen, and every one of them insists on running as root.
> Could you name names, so we know which imbeciles to avoid?  The two
> Unix development houses I've worked at never did that.  
> Of course, the parent post was wrong.  Even as non-root, you have to
> worry about email viruses or click-thru vectors, because _they don't
> need root to work_.  

How can an email virus work on *ix?

And a click-thru virus (or is it really a trojan?) can only do 
damage to files that you have privs to touch (unless there's a bug
in Java or JavaScript).

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No *that* is funny.

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