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Re: Executing a Script every hour

* Christof Hurschler <hurschler@gmx.de> [2003-10-01 04:41]:
> I set the ppp option "demand" which like you said connects when I try
> to access the network.  It terminates the connection after 60 seconds
> of no traffic.  It takes maybe 20 seconds to connect (I haven't
> actually timed it), which isn't exactly instantaneous, but much faster
> than my old modem!

That's no kidding.  I haven't used dial-up for years, and was very glad
to get away from that!  BTW - have you checked the man page/help files
for pppd for examples on how to manually have pppd call out?  The docs
should be located in '/usr/share/doc/ppp'.

dave [ please don't CC me ]

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