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Re: Executing a Script every hour

I set the ppp option "demand" which like you said connects when I try to
access the network.  It terminates the connection after 60 seconds of no
traffic.  It takes maybe 20 seconds to connect (I haven't actually timed it), which
isn't exactly instantaneous, but much faster than my old modem!

I don't have a flat rate service so I don't want to stay connected all the


> * Christof Hurschler <hurschler@gmx.de> [2003-09-30 22:17]:
> > Tha sounds like a very logical thing to do, as you can tell I'm a
> > newbie.  Do you mean running the script from ip-up??
> Assuming the script ip-up runs *after* the DSL connection is
> established, then yes.  When it comes to dial-up/ppp connections I'm
> probably newer than you are, as I've never used them in Linux.  However,
> the theory is sound. ;]
> > Maybe somone can tell me how to tell pppd to connect, i.e. without for
> > instance running ping?
> How do you connect currently?  Does your system connect whenever you try
> to access a resource that's on the internet?
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