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Re: Executing a Script every hour

* Christof Hurschler <hurschler@gmx.de> [2003-09-30 22:17]:
> Tha sounds like a very logical thing to do, as you can tell I'm a
> newbie.  Do you mean running the script from ip-up??

Assuming the script ip-up runs *after* the DSL connection is
established, then yes.  When it comes to dial-up/ppp connections I'm
probably newer than you are, as I've never used them in Linux.  However,
the theory is sound. ;]

> Maybe somone can tell me how to tell pppd to connect, i.e. without for
> instance running ping?

How do you connect currently?  Does your system connect whenever you try
to access a resource that's on the internet?

dave [ please don't CC me ]

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