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Re: Design Questions - recommendations and clarifications needed

(Like gnucash, sort of?  :-)

sort of :-) But more packages to eventually make it a fullfledge
businiess support system with accounting, order, warehouse etc.

I know the upstream developer of RT (Debian package request-tracker3),
who uses this model; see http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/.  There's a

I am definitely considering this, but it is a bit tricky.
Am a bit afraid of so call "illegal copying"...

Writing proprietary software for Linux has got to be a little tricky.

Thats my understanding and why I am asking here...
I was considering using the Gecko engine since I understood it could
be bundled as a proprietary package, or as a GPL for that matter.
Other option is to go with Kylix.

I guess I will have to go with Kylix if we choose not to go with GPL.


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