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Re: Mutt: How to find new mail in mult. mailboxes?

> from the mutt manual:
> 3.11.  Defining mailboxes which receive mail
>   Usage: [un]mailboxes [!]filename [ filename ... ]
> There isn't written anything or multiple entries and there is no =
> mentioned either...
> mailboxes compsci-digest justlinux .....
> As I wrote in my reply...

Ok, I've changed the mailbox entries on .muttrc... format looks the same
:( Based on your replies it looks like I was misunderstood, sorry about
that must be my bad English. 

What I'm actually looking for is the 'N' beside each mailbox, similar to
the index window (each new mail gets a 'N') but how do I add this to the
mailbox entries on the browser window? This'll make it easier to track
down new mail on multiple mailboxes... 

It looks like there's another way for doing this ... from the 'help for
browser' I see a "buffy-list" and to execute this I need to press "."
... it doesn't seem to work :(


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