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Design Questions - recommendations and clarifications needed


I have been struggling to understand what the GPL means and
what I can use ...
Been checking Mozilla's GPL, GPL, LPGL etc and I guess I got
overloaded with to much data and abreviations...

I have this idea of designing a finance package directed
towards companies and have two alternativs
1) Go fully GPL, which means can not charge for the package,
	but I can charge for the services (which is more or
	less the software package, but I am sure I can think
	of various additional items later)
2) Go proprietary, and can charge for the package.
What is the recommendation today.

Any recommendations on tools and libraries I can use?
(For the proprietary version?)

I have been thinking of using XUL for the GUI, since it is
multiplatform and (more important) easy to translate to
different languages.

Anyone using KYLIX, but have no experience of its Linux
platform. Anyone have any comments?
* How about translating the finallized package to different
* Is there a build in CVS system, or does it work with CVS?
* Any reason to go for the Enterprise version instead of the
	Professional version?

Thanks in advance


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