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HP 712/60 questions


First of all I'm unfamiliar with Unix/Linux/Debian
and such since I've been in the Windows world
for many years.

I came across 3 HP 712/60 workstations and
figured this would be a good project to acquaint
myself with Linux.

The learning curve has been very substantial
so please bear with me.

The workstations have no floppy or CD drive.
The only way to load PALO (I think that's the
boot loader for Linux) is via a lifimage stored
on a remote boot server.

The HPs boot HPUX and then an application.
I've seen the BOOT_ADMIN and ISL
screens enough to turn auto boot off and
verify that everything seems to be as discussed
in various Debian web pages.

I guess I have to load Linux onto one of
my PCs (I have a couple of Pentiums not
being used at the moment), load the Linux
sources, run the cross-compiler with certain
options to create a lifimage and then enable
a DHCP daemon so the HP box can boot
from it.

Is this the path or am I completely offbase.

Any help is appreciated.

Larry Crouch

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