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Re: other debian installer tactic?

On Tuesday 26 Aug 2003 9:53 am, alex wrote:
> Alfredo Valles wrote:
> >I know this have been discussed many times. But I still not happy. (Sorry)
> >
> >Why is it that debian can not take a shortcut in the path for having a
> > quick desktop installation?
> >
> >Why not to release a basic knoppix-like CD with the most common desktop
> >applications that 99% of people would want?. Using a very basic installer
> > and the hardware auto-detection of knoppix (or any other that works) it
> > would clone itself to the hard disk in a few minutes.
> >It would be possible to install the rest of the debian applications from
> > the debian testing CDs anyway.
> >
> >I know that this wouldn't work in all platforms (most surely only in x86)
> > but even if it is a very limited solution I think it worth been a valid
> > debian subproject on his own.
> >I think that the save in time that an approach like this produces is
> > something to be taken seriously.
> >I have installed debian for desktop purposes several times so in time it
> >becomes boring, and there are many stupid details (about fonts, java,
> > etc...) that I rather prefer not to hold in my mind.
> >
> >Now I live happily with a knoppix installed to hard disk, and fetching
> > soft from the debian unstable branch, only thing is that there are a few
> > upgrade conflicts in some packages, nothing too hard to work around.
> >Many people is doing the same.
> >
> >What do you think?  (Don't open fire with the magnum 45, please :-)
> >
> >Alfredo
> Amen!!!!!
> Whover produced KNOPPIX has the right idea......a simple almost
> foolproof installation that provides
> just the basic necessities.  Why should everyone who wants Debian be
> required make decisions during the
> installation about things that can be better accomplished after the
> basic Debian is installed?.

why can't debian have more than one installer? after all we have more than one 
desktop, office suite, web browser and so on and so forth. I would not use 
dselect if you held a gun to my head, but lots of people do. I don't feel 
that these people are wrong in some way. if debian can be installed both as 
knoppix (giving you a working system in a short space of time) or using the 
woody installer (letting you configure it carefully) then both techniques 
should be used for their purpose. I find it hard to that one installer fits 
all people's wants and needs. I think the use of knoppix as a installer 
should be pushed to people just starting out with debian but that the old one 
should be kept for the experts and the people with lots of time on their 


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