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Re: cloning Debian hard drive

On Tuesday 26 Aug 2003 4:27 pm, Victory wrote:
> Hello all,
> Now I have a working system, and want to clone it hard drive
> so that I can install the newly clone hard drive to many identical
> system configuration rather  than install from CD and customize lots of
> stuff ???
> 1, Is there way to clone this hard drive ?
> 2, Is it possible to create bootable CD of the working system so that
>     when I boot to new system from CD  it will install exact the same
>     with the working system I have now.
> Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Victor


on 1:
If it were me and I wanted to do this once I would put the hard disk in the 
working system, format the disk with cfdisk, and then just use konqueror to 
copy the whole file system over. This is a btute force method and someone 
else of the mailing list will have something easier and more elangant. 

on 2:

I guess that there is something to do this but the only thing I can suggest is 
the progeny autoinstall thingy.

sorry that I have not been very helpful


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