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Re: HP 712/60 questions

On Tue, Aug 26, 2003 at 11:00:01AM -0400, Larry Crouch wrote:
> I guess I have to load Linux onto one of
> my PCs (I have a couple of Pentiums not
> being used at the moment), load the Linux
> sources, run the cross-compiler with certain
> options to create a lifimage and then enable
> a DHCP daemon so the HP box can boot
> from it.
> Is this the path or am I completely offbase.

The idea of instaling Linux on a PC and then using that to netboot the
HP computers is sound. However I don't recommend crosscompiling linux
unless you have lots of experience with Unix/Linux. I've installed
Debian on a sparc system by booting off the network using a precompiled
boot image I got from the debian ftp server. I recommend that you find
such a precompiled image for the architecture you wish to install on.

This process is described in the installation manual for the hppa

Hope this helps,
Bijan Soleymani <bijan@psq.com>

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