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Re: Helping the newbie

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 17:51, Jeremy Davis wrote:
> I am in the process of learning the the subtle differences in debian
> compared to my main linux distro, which is Slackware.  So I believe that I
> am going to move to debian because of apt and all that it implies :)  But I
> do have a question.  Am I missing something in apt-get when updating the
> packages.  I noticed that perl 5.6 is kind of old as well as the apache
> 1.3.26.  Are the debian packages not kept up-to-date?  If not maybe I should
> move to something else?  Sorry for my ignorance on the subject, but I am
> willing to change this ignorance curve :)

No... quite OKAY. You see, "Stable" in Debian is a PEG in the wall. the
wall keeps going up, but Debian Stable is JUST that. STABLE. No Updates
for additional features only serious bug-fixes and security updates go
into the STABLE version of Debian.

Stable is NOT "stability of the system"... STABLE means few if any
changes to the DISTRO.

There are 3 (effectively 4) versions of Debian across 11 Different
Platforms. The three/four main versions of Debian are:

Stable, currently Woody 3.0r1 in maintenance phase, no feature adds.

Testing, currently Sarge, next stable release of Debian termed "testing"
currently in a feature add state, with updates and feature adds coming
from Unstable.

Unstable, currently Sid, Development version of Debian. This is where
the seriously whacked play (yours truly included) or the ones that
always want the LATEST and GREATEST stuff... no matter if it breaks or
not... (Yes... FUN!! I re-discovered Flux-Box this way)

Experimental, this is a Project style of development... where the truly
rabid BETA users are doing... personally I have pinned Experimental as
my default... You get things like the BETA of OpenOffice.org1.1 on...
and Evoution release candidates and so on. IOW, not in the main archive
of releases yet.

For me, Sid (Unstable) has been as reliable as Current RedHat... but
Stable has never failed me yet... even on the upgrades from Potato.\

greg, greg@gregfolkert.net
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