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RE: Helping the newbie

Said Greg Folkert:

> Stable is NOT "stability of the system"... STABLE means few if any
> changes to the DISTRO.

Said : Andreas Janssen:

> ... Sarge or Sid are usable for
> desktop systems (at least many people use it, I use Woody with KDE 3),

May I ask another newbie question? Are both of these statements accurate?
They are not precisely the impression I get from this page:

but if sarge is a stable operating system for my desktop, then I imagine it
might be smarter for me to install that, rather than woody. I am behind a
NAT hardware firewall, so I presume some security issues may not be of
tremendous concern to me.

I am a complete Linux newbie and I am hoping to install Debian on a second
machine, just as soon as I can purchase said machine. :)

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,
Hershel Robinson
Jerusalem, Israel

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