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Re: exim: local vs. remote smtp ???

  Hi Michael D,

 you wrote :
> I want to know from where the email came whenever I open it.
> For example, when I send from loki to bragi,
>   I expect to see From: mds@loki.private.network
 exim will get it from <user>@<localhost>
 you need to tell exim to rewrite that address on outgoing mail
   (by specifying that in eximconf)

>  when I send from loki To: mds@bragi,
>  bragi is not FQDN,
>  and my remote_smtp transport sends it the qmail gatewayon trout,
>  which -- correctly -- bounces it, 
 i think this could be done by /etc/aliases (also used by exim)

 so you need to read exim doc.
 not a small thing to read, but very good quality.

 hope this helps,


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