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Re: jdk1.4? compatible tomcat?

    "nori" == nori heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu> writes:

    nori> hey all, i certainly don't understand all the technicalities
    nori> of debian + java, but i do know that i can apt-get install
    nori> jdk1.1, but not jdk1.4.  why is this?  this is particularly
    nori> frustrating for me right now, as i need jdk1.4 and tomcat
    nori> 3.3, but can only get the latter with jdk1.1 via apt.

You can certainly get jdk1.3.1 from Blackdown, and this works with the
Tomcat 4.0.4 in Woody/Sarge and also (as I found out in the last few
days) with Tomcat 4.1.24 in Unstable.

I use the following apt sources.list line for JDK

deb ftp://ftp.tux.org/pub/java/debian woody main non-free

I believe Blackdown has a 1.4 JDK availale.


The problems with Debian and Java have mostly to do with the way Sun
licenses certain parts of the Java specification etc.....


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