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Re: Look at these update from M$ Corporation.

On Sun, 3 Aug 2003 04:47:23 +0100
"Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> And this is more legitimate than you scanning the messages yourself, and
> adding the addresses to your whitelist or spamlist, appropriately, how?

    The fact that it would be on the order of .01% or lower of all messages as
opposed to me sifting through a couple messages a week.  I can think of one or
two false positives in the past several years.  I mind seriously the notion
that every new contact must be cleared with a C-R.  However, one contact in
about 10,000 seems to be an acceptable rate to ensure a quicker response on
false positives.  Unlike others I don't peruse that grey area often.  The
wording, and intent, is completely different.  A blanket C-R is rude,
uncompromising and unforgiving.  Sending out a C-R on a narrow range of the SA
score that virtually all legitimate mail *never even comes close to* is
protection against a false-positive.  If you were the person who sent a note
that got nailed in that range (which is extremely unlikely in the first place)
which do you think is a little more courteous: 

A: the mail which may be important, sit for days in a queue that is rarely
looked at.
B: Getting an automatic note worded something like this:
"I apologize for the inconvenience but for some reason or another your message
was marked as potential spam.  However, if fell within the marginal area where
it may be legitimate.  This is a note letting you know that the message is on
hold.  If you wish to have it proceed immediately, just hit reply."

    Compared to Alan's little note as well as the frequency in which it would
occur there is a world of difference.  

--- SNIP ---

       This is a computer-generated response       


    Sorry about this, but there is no other way 
    to effectively block spam and harassment.
    Or to notify you if someone is forging . 
    your address......

    Simply hit Reply and paste:  e45gGw1116874   
    on the Subject line, then send it off.   

    If this is not returned, the mail will be.   
    dumped without me ever seeing even the subject. 

    If you come as a friend, this is a one-time thing. 

    Thanks for your understanding. 

        MSP v.2b    http://tinyurl.com/inpd 

--- SNIP ---

    Would I use it?  Most likely not.  Could I see it as an appropriate area
for C-R?  Yes... the *only* appropriate use of C-R when dealing with the
general public.  

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