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Re: Look at these update from M$ Corporation.

On Sat, 2 Aug 2003 21:23:59 +0200
David Fokkema <dfokkema@ileos.nl> wrote:
> I'm using SA. It's just that I don't mind C-R and like the general
> concept, but I see many people who's opinions I value and who's mails
> I'd rather not send to /dev/null would not respond to a challenge,
> either out of principle, annoyance or feasibility.

    Now that I've spent the past several minutes ranting against C-R I can
think of one instance where it would be useful.  SA scored mail between, say,
5 and 8.  That marginal stuff.  Switch it to temp reject but send a C-R.  The
5-8 stuff from my server is ~22 in ~2600.  Of that, so far, there have been 0
false positives.  However in the rare case of a false positive it would allow
the person on the other side to get through if needed.  IE, the vast majority
of spam is blocked and no message generated to clutter my queue.  The vast
majority of real messages get through.  It is only that grey area of <1% where
messages need to be sent out and of that less than .1% (I'd wager) would
actually hit someone.  *That* would be an appropriate use, IMHO.

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