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Re: Realtek RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

Agung Suyono wrote:
Hi All,

I'm a new Debian user. I got a problem on istallation. My network device, Realtek RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, was not detected. When I tried to configure it using "Configure Device Driver Module" during installation process, it asked me to enter a command line argument. The installation manual says that I have to consult with the documentation for that kernel driver. Anybody knows where I can find that kernel driver documentation? When I didn't enter anything, the installation failed. Thanks for your help.
Best Regard,

Agung S

For what it's worth the documentation is in the kernel source. You can see it in
if you don't have the kernel source installed.

I don't think it will help much. In my experience, PCI cards don't need that kind of thing (module parameters for irqs etc.). I also recommend you try the 2.4 boot floppies.

This is about the third person in a couple of days having problems with RTL8139-based cards -- I wonder if the Scyld drivers are better than the vanilla kernel ones, and If so if it's worth making a custom boot kernel that uses those?

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