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Re: CD Boot Problem

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Mustafa Al-Shawaf wrote:

> I am trying to install Debian on my computer.  I used jigdo to get the
> iso.  Then I burned the iso to cd.  When I try to boot from the cd,
> the drive spins up then spins down a lot.  [ ... snip ... ]
> The drive works well with other cds though.  I'm not sure what is wrong.

By "other cds", do you mean other burned cds, or regular pressed cds?

I've seen some rather old CD drives (usually found on pentium and
earlier computers) have problems with CD-R/CD-RW cds while working fine 
with regular cds.

Another suggestion would be to check the block size if you are burning 
an iso image.

~ Jesse Meyer

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