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Re: OT: why I don't want CCs

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003 00:09:05 -0700
Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
> I can understand the whole personal mail not on business servers, but
> what's wrong with the other way around?  I don't see anything
> ethically or legally questionable about that.  If it puts you in a
> legally questionable position to email something through a mail server
> other than your employers, then email probably isn't the best way to
> get it there anyway.

    *sigh*  You're completely forgetting that there are policies in some
companies where all mail sent through corporate mail servers is archived for
legal purposes.  As such all business correspondence is to be routed through
corporate servers so that a copy can be preserved in case the client(s) decide
to take legal action based on something which may or may not be proved by what
was said in email.  Couple that with the fact that it is generally good
practice to disallow relaying through internal corporate servers and you have
an issue where the mail *must* go there and it takes methods of authentication
far too tenuous and complex for most people to want to dick with an MTA to do
what a mail client can get done in a <30s setup.

    Furthermore it is just good business policy to not mix work and home mail
if at all possible.  It can prevent very embarrassing slip-ups when mail is
sent the wrong way, when filters on one system might "misplace" a message the
other would catch, keeps the issue of BCCs clear and concise (you know exactly
where they are going to because they can go no-where else), etc.

> Obvious design methods don't tend to get documented in RFCs.  Sorry if
> you don't have common sense.

    I do have common sense.  

A: RFC2821, the governing RFC for SMTP, does not disallow clients from
accessing SMTP for submission.
B: RFC2476 is an attempt to create a separate submission port but explicitly
allows that port to reside on 25.

    Common sense tells me that if the governing RFC allows it and there's an
RFC addressing it it is clear that your claims that it is "wrong" without
cites is based not on any fact that you can back up.  Sorry, I don't
particularly care about what random joe out there thinks is right or wrong
when he provides no supporting facts or citations.  All I care about is what
the RFCs says.  

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