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Re: X lockups

Try using a different windows manager

apt-get install enlightenment*

cd ~/
vi .xinitrc (open file in your home directory)
ZZ (close file)

Jake Johnson

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On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Bradley Alexander wrote:

> On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 15:10, Robert Ian Smit wrote:
> > My suspicion is towards Mozilla-Firebird. At least one time, I was
> > editing an input form. At the moment, this activity still crashes
> > firebird quite often, but luckily with no harm done to X.
> I am really starting to suspect Gnome. I am not a Gnome fan, but it has
> sort of infiltrated my desktop, through the use of apps like Galeon,
> Evolution etc.
> I dist-upgraded last night, left the system running with two eterms, evo
> and dvdrip windows open. Got up this morning and clicked evo's
> send/received and the Xserver reset itself.
> Anybody know any best practices for getting rid of gnome?
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