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Re: Repartitioned, now can't mount root

Here are more details about exactly what I did:

On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 10:00:38AM -0400, Bret Comstock Waldow wrote:
> It sounds like you had an installed system, with files in /boot and /,
> and now it's all one big partition.  How did you go about consolidating
> the two partitions?

I temporarily moved my files to another computer, then repartitioned
(with disk druid maybe - I forget) losing my filesystem. The debian
installer warned me about large disks, and I proceeded with making the
largest root partition that could fit on my disk.

I then installed debian on a newly created filesystem, then moved all
my old files back from the other computer.

I upgraded the kernel once, re-ran lilo, and rebooted successfully
before since then. I have a theory that at that time, there were not
many files on the disk so the kernel was placed somewhere near the
beginning which was reachable by lilo.

Since then I think what happened is that I upgraded the kernel once
more, but left the computer running. I haven't rebooted in 3 weeks, so I
never tested the new kernel in normal circumstances. Two days ago, I
accidentally removed the power cord. I don't believe there was any disk
activity at the time.

>From memory, I installed the new kernel in /boot, and made symlinks in /

> Where do you expect Lilo to find the boot files?  It's looking for a
> partition that isn't there.  You have in your mind the idea of a
> partition that contains files, but Lilo is looking for a specific
> parition identifier on the disk structure, expecting specific files and
> they aren't there anymore.  They may still be there somewhere, but
> they're not where they were.

I have booted successfully from this partition before (after I
repartitioned). It still shows up when I list the partition table.
However, I can't even seem to mount it from the command line.

> Lilo is also looking for a specific numbered partition to load DOS.  Did
> you change the numbering when you turned your two partitions into one? 
> What is Lilo looking for?

I left the DOS partition in place, without resizing or moving it.
Unfortunately, I forgot to tell lilo about it.

> When you "failed to mount" what command line or arguments did
> you use?  What's "-t XXX", etc.?

I didn't use -t, just:

mount /dev/hda1 root

It is (was?) an ext3 filesystem.

Thanks for your help!


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