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Re: Repartitioned, now can't mount root

On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 22:00, Ryan Heise wrote:

> I've been running Linux on this box without a problem for about 3 years,
> and just recently repartitioned so that I have one big root partition

It sounds like you had an installed system, with files in /boot and /,
and now it's all one big partition.  How did you go about consolidating
the two partitions?

You don't mention reinstalling after consolidating the partitions...

Where do you expect Lilo to find the boot files?  It's looking for a
partition that isn't there.  You have in your mind the idea of a
partition that contains files, but Lilo is looking for a specific
parition identifier on the disk structure, expecting specific files and
they aren't there anymore.  They may still be there somewhere, but
they're not where they were.

If you consolidated two partitions without re-formatting the result,
there is no valid file system on the partition to read from.

Lilo is also looking for a specific numbered partition to load DOS.  Did
you change the numbering when you turned your two partitions into one? 
What is Lilo looking for?

After making changes to the partitioning scheme, you must edit the
lilo.conf file to make modifications that match your new layout, then
run "lilo" to re-write the boot sector so it can work with your new

What did you actually do, please?  What tools did you use, in what
sequence?  When you "failed to mount" what command line or arguments did
you use?  What's "-t XXX", etc.?


bwaldow at alum.mit.edu

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