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Re: Intel D875PBZ or MSI 87P NEO-FIS2R

Dave Howorth wrote:

Hi Nick,

Thanks for that. I read the review but was still left with some questions. (This may just be due to my lack of expertise in kernels). It seems that the reviewers didn't get even Intel's RAID 0 to work, and they installed on a 'PATA' drive and were only able to see the SATA drives with the BIOS configured to make them look like PATA - what does this do for the performance and capabilities - is it a complete long-term fix? (or they could see SATA drives with no DMA, no Ethernet and no video!) They don't mention ECC at all.

So I'm still curious as to whether anybody has first hand success with either of these boards?

Thanks, Dave

They were using a 2.4.20 kernel or a pre 2.4.21 kernel IIRC. I plan on using it with PATA drives, so I can't offer any advice on SATA. I prefer the Intel board cause it lacks all the bells and whistles other manufactures insist on cramming onto their boards. The board even lacks on board sound, but most people end up using their own sound card anyways. I'll let you know how my Debian install gose as soon as I get it.


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