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Re: Intel D875PBZ or MSI 87P NEO-FIS2R

Dave Howorth wrote:


I'm thinking of buying a machine based on the Intel 875P chipset, probably using either the Intel D875PBZ or MSI 87P NEO-FIS2R motherboard, and I'd appreciate any advice as to whether/how the hardware works with Debian (Woody with whatever changes are required would be my favourite flavour).

Specifcally I'm concerned about:
- ECC memory support and 2 GB or more of memory.
- the serial ATA disks on both boards and the Promise 20378 controllers on the MSI board with RAID 1.
- the gigabit ethernet (or even 100 :-).

Any pointers would be useful.

Cheers, Dave

There is a review of this Intel board at www.linuxhardware.org. It's the same board that I will purchase next week. Everything on board is supported by kernel 2.4.21. The Gigabit is supposed to be supported bu Intel's alternate driver, which is incluede in the stock debian kernel.

Read the review at linuxhardware.

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