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Re: Newbie Question

Abrasive wrote:

Okay, after loading a new machine with Debian 3.0r1, I've found that I need to install a newer kernel. Without the kernel, debian won't recognize my NIC or my display adapter. So, I don't have internet access on that computer. I'd like to download all the necessary files to upgrade the kernel from 2.2.x to a 2.4.x
kernel.  But, I don't know which files to download, and I have no idea how to upgrade
the kernel the 'Debian Way'
Once I have the files,(once I find out which files I'll need) I'll download them to this machine, and burn them to a CD. Then I'll copy them to the new machine.
From there, I'm at aloss.  Any help that I can get would be MUCH appreciated.
I'm not new to linux/unix, just new to Debian.  And I don't understand the package
system very well, or doing things the Debian Way.

I did this a few weeks ago on a new Dell, only instead of using a second computer to burn the files to CD, I booted the Dell off a Knoppix CD to hit the network and download the files.

What I did was go to http://www.debian.org, then click on the "Debian Packages" link on the left side, then "View the packages in the Unstable Distribution", then "Base Utilities", then pick the kernel you want. Then follow all the "depends" (red) and download each of the packages (the usual directory for .debs is /var/cache/apt/archives).

Once you have all the packages you need in one directory, reboot into Debian and change into that directory, and then run "dpkg -i *deb" which will cause dpkg to install ("-i") all the .deb files ("*deb") you just downloaded. Hopefully in a few minutes you'll be ready to reboot using your new kernel, and you'll be able to hit the network and go on with life.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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