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Re: via-rhine & dhclient

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 08:56:48PM -0700, Piero wrote:
| Each time I turn onmy computer, I have to give commands:
| modprobe via-rhine

One method is to run
    # echo 'via-rhine' >> /etc/modules

(/etc/modules is a list of modules to load at boot time.)

The method I use is to put
    alias eth0 via-rhine
in /etc/modutils/Local and run 'update-modules'.

The former specifically loads the driver for your network card at boot
time.  The latter specifies that when "eth0" is accessed, if the
driver isn't already loaded then load it.

| dhclient

It's possible that this is actually run at boot time, but due to the
NIC's driver not being loaded it fails.  If that is the case, then the
above will solve this.

It's also possible that the network interface isn't being brought up
at boot time.  The solution is in /etc/network/interfaces.  Ensure the
line 'auto eth0' is in it.


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