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Re: GRUB problem

On (24/06/03 01:20), Kevin McKinley wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 23:04:47 +0100
> Clive Menzies <clive@clivemenzies.co.uk> wrote:
> > When I did this, it took the values and reset them to to the default
> > values.  So having gone around in circles more than once, I tried just
> > booting without update grub and it worked fine.  Is there a flag in
> > menu.lst that stops it resetting?
> I'm not aware of a flag to reset to defaults.
> Did you delete any of the lines in menu.lst, or did you just edit them for
> your post?
No I'm sure that I didn't delete anything.  I was aware that I shouldn't
do anything other than edit the drive designations.

> Excerpt from /sbin/update-grub:
> ># Magic markers we use
> >
> >startopt="## ## Start Default Options ##"
> >endopt="## ## End Default Options ##"
> I'm guessing you removed one or more of the "magic markers", so update-grub
> restored the defaults.
> I don't try to trim the file, I just edit the lines beginning with only one
> hash and leave the rest alone.

The two PC's in question are used by my partner and sons (I'm on a G4
using yaboot) - so I am reluctant to go and muck about with the set-up
which is working fine - I have a history of turning a drama into a

However, I would like to try this again.  I'll
have to wait until I get the opportunity to convert some other windows
PC to Debian.... although one of the server's on our network is
non-critical (currently booting from LILO), so I guess I could experiment
with that ;)  Not a high priority at present but maybe soon ...

Thanks for your help


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