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Re: memory leaks

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 17:45, Shyamal Prasad wrote:
>     "matt" == matt zagrabelny <z@saturnsys.com> writes:
>     matt> hi, after boot my system runs out of memory in ~36-48 hours.
> What precisely happens when you "run out of memory"? Also, what
> version of Debian are you running.

the normal scenario is i leave my computer running at night and then i
come down in the morning and find applications (usually the big boys,
evolution, opera) to be gone. i check top and find i have roughly 4M of
memory left (no swap is left). i reboot and start over. sometimes i will
be using the computer and things will be killed (opera, evolution,
nautilus). sometimes i have been running things from a virtual console
and the oom messages are displayed telling me which programs are killed.

note: i dont think the leak is in the normal applications as mentioned
in previous email, something seems to be gobling up memory even before i
log in to an x environment.

this has been happening for about a month now. it was a little difficult
to pinpoint when because i would shutdown everyday traveling to school.
now that i am home more often it is evident.

i am running unstable. yikes! no not yikes, this is the first _serious_
problem i have run into, and my guess is other people running unstable
dont have this problem, so i dont blame unstable.
but i am not experienced enough to debug this one on my own except every
other day updating my apt-cache and upgrading my packages with fingers
crossed hoping that my memory leak goes away.

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