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Re: Gzip problems

--- Elizabeth Barham <lizzy@soggytrousers.net> wrote:
> I was not able to re-produce this error.
> If there is some kind of standard trait in each of
> the deformed files
> (always 512 bytes on top, 16 on bottom), then you
> can always write
> some kind of code to correct the documents.
> It sounds like its some kind of wrapper around the
> documents, possibly
> containing the name of the file, its size, checksum,
> etc, something
> that tar does. Did you use tar at all?
> Try the command 'file' on one of your uncompressed
> with header and
> trailer documents. Does it say anything weird? Have
> you examined the
> data with 'hexedit'? Is there a small text-string
> like "TAR4" or
> "RIFF2" in it?
> Elizabeth

If I just gzip and gunzip a file, I don't get it
either.  I gziped these in batch ??

There is a constant (as far as I've examined) 512
bytes on front, with a few ID things, like file name,
etc, with lots of 0's.  

On the end, there's many more bytes, well over 1000. 
Haven't determined yet if it's a constant number
(probably is).

I can write such a program, just wondered if I did
something wrong procedurally, so I'll "don't to that"
anymore.  Or if there was a gunzip option (which I
don't see) that would undo it.


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