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Re: Where to keep .gnupg?

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 09:55:55AM -0600, Nathan Malmberg wrote:
> > Yep.  Even worse: the undeath is probably viral.  Those disks may very well
> > taint any drive they touch, which will likely infect any disks that are put
> > in it...
> > 
> > No, I'm not kidding.
> You may not be kidding, but I hope you're wrong.  I've reformatted all
> the disks in another zip drive (borrowed, no plasma).  They appear to be
> working so far.  If I ever get my own lab, though, I'll see that
> reliance on zip disks is minimized.

I've heard the same thing from other people, one had worked in a
graphics/printing company where they had lots of removable drives on
almost every machine because clients would send them stuff on syquest
cartridges, Zip disks, flopticals, and every other format known to man.
Once one of their Zip drives got the "click of death" they didn't stop
having problems until they replaced every single Zip drive and disk all
at once. After they made that connection they started throwing out
drives and disks at the first sign of trouble.

Iomega didn't go from being an also-ran in the removable storage
business to being the major player by making a great product. They did
it by making a cheap product and spending a lot of money on marketing
instead of good design or quality control.

Michael Heironimus

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