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Re: Where to keep .gnupg?

At 2003-06-16T17:12:12Z, Nathan Malmberg <nathan.malmberg@colorado.edu> writes:

> With as many problems as I have had, I have been trying to brainstorm
> alternatives.  One thought I had was to write the files to which I need
> only read access to removeable media, and keep the rest in my home
> directory.  Does anyone have any thoughts in this regard?  Thanks, Nate

Get one of those USB keychain drives.  Office Max sells 64MB units for about
$20 after rebate.  No moving parts to break or wear out.

> btw, if anyone knows why my zip drive (USB-powered Zip250) is destroying
> my zip disks, I'd like to know, also.

Google "click of death".  Even if that's not your problem, you can see that
Iomega isn't widely reputed for their reliable hardware.
Kirk Strauser
In Googlis non est, ergo non est.

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