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Where to keep .gnupg?

Knowledgeable Debian Users,
	As a part of developing security-conscious habits, I have kept
my .gnupg directory on removeable media (first a floppy, then a zip
disk).  Recently, however, I have found that when I mount my
ext2-formatted zip disk, the disk quickly becomes unreadable (it led to
kernel panic at one point).  I have tried using a dos-formatted zip
disk, but I get errors whenever gpg needs to write to the disk
(something about not being able to lock the file/directory, it's been
awhile).  Given the transient nature of floppy disks (work one day, fail
the next), I would rather not keep my keys there.
	With as many problems as I have had, I have been trying to
brainstorm alternatives.  One thought I had was to write the files to
which I need only read access to removeable media, and keep the rest in
my home directory.  Does anyone have any thoughts in this regard?
btw, if anyone knows why my zip drive (USB-powered Zip250) is destroying
my zip disks, I'd like to know, also.

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