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Re: network / networking scripts + firewall script

Op ma 16-06-2003, om 20:46 schreef Christophe Courtois:
>  Hi, 
>  1) My old P75 has a /etc/init.d/network script, which dates back to the 
> first installation (slink). If I remember correctly, this script is 
> obsolete (not found on a fresh woody). I used it a long time ago to 
> connect to cable, before I had a router, I have no idea what the original 
> content was.
>  Can I get rid of it now ? Is /etc/init.d/networking enough ? (Both 
> scripts are called in /etc/init.d/rcX.d/) What else must I check ?

I checked on my system with dpkg -S /etc/init.d/network and it didn't
come up with something. Try this also and if the result is negative i
would remove it (after making a backup somewhere to be sure).

>  2) Where would you put a hand-made firewall script ? 
> Is there a 'default' 
> location ?

I've put mine in /etc/init.d. I already had an iptables script and i
"converted" it to look like the skeleton sample in /etc/init.d
I then installed it in the runlevels i wanted with update-rc.d
man update-rc.d contains a sample line.

This way, your script will be loaded in the runlevels you want.
Of course, you do not have to make the script like the skeleton sample
but it's a nice exercise :-)

Kind regards,
Benedict Verheyen

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