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Developer packages for libqt3c102?

Hi all,

like other people before me I ran into conflicts between
libqt3-mt and libqt3c102-mt. Most of what's on my machine
depends on libqt3c102, which is fine with me because I'd
rather work with the newer gcc version. However I now want to
compile a project (ieee1394diag) that won't ./configure
without the libqt3-mt-dev package. I can't install that
without losing kde, and that's a bit silly, so I'd rather
install a libqt3c102-mt-dev if it only existed.

What options do I have here? Do I have to downgrade all of
kde to be able to install the required devel packages? Can I
somehow force the libqt3-mt-dev to install or would that
destabilize everything? Is there another way to satisfy the
configure script of ieee1394diag?

Advice warmly welcome.



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