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shared UIDs across NFS (was: CVS_RSH for :ext: CVS access)

Mike Mueller wrote:
> Mark Ferlatte wrote:
> > One of the reasons that my company standardized on Debian is that we
> > _don't_ have to do stupid things like this all the time; we can trust that
> > the Debian maintainer has put some thought into their part of the system,
> > and that it's setup in a sane fashion by default.

The way most things "just work" is definitely a Debian strength and
one of the reasons I am trying to get my company to standardize on
Debian too.

> (I learned about UID and GID values differing between distros and
> how that affects NFS file ownership yesterday.)

Hmm...  This topic has come up before.  I would use NIS/YP to keep a
shared password file.  Or use some other method to keep the UIDs in
sync across the various machines that use NFS.  Using NFS implies
needing _user_ (non-system) uid synchronization of some sort.

This should not be a problem if you are trying to share user files.
However, people have tried to share system files.  I remember a
discussion that people were trying to use a shared system mail spool
directory.  Don't try sharing system files.  You are not trying to
share system files at that level are you?  Hope not.  Let me caution
you away from that.

I would not be concerned except you mentioned uid/gids differing
across different distributions.  Yes they differ at the system level.
But since none of those are shared it is not a problem.  At the user
level if you are using NFS then you should be using the same password
entry (at least the same data) across all participating hosts.  If you
do that, then again there is no trouble.


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