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Re: CVS_RSH for :ext: CVS access

Colin Watson said on Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 06:29:22PM +0100:
> > ARG!  Why why why!
> Because if you type 'rsh some-rsh-server' it does Weird Stuff because
> ssh doesn't know how to talk to rsh servers any more?
Seriously, how many people use rsh?  If it's a lot, then cool.  If it's just a
few people, who know what they are doing, and have very specific reasons for
using rsh, then they should be able to figure out that if they don't have the
rsh package installed but do have ssh installed then things won't work.  Right?

> > Right now, everything that has silly default settings to use rsh
> > automatically uses ssh, which means that things Just Work in a secure
> > environment.  If this happens, would it be possible to change all of
> > the upstream defaults to use ssh instead of rsh instead?
> Well, you have to do this on every other system anyway (see the
> confusion in this very thread) ... I dunno.

One of the reasons that my company standardized on Debian is that we _don't_
have to do stupid things like this all the time; we can trust that the Debian
maintainer has put some thought into their part of the system, and that it's
setup in a sane fashion by default.  Since, for _most_ (not all) people, using
rsh in insane, this seems like a step in the wrong direction to me.

Obviously, if this gets changed, we'll adapt, so it's exactly a huge big deal,
but this is functionality that I was actually happy to see present in Debian,
and would be sad to see removed.


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