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Re: Nic Issues..

On 9 Jun 2003 "Tom Kloppel" <tom_kloppel@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Ok, i gave that a shot, as far as i could tell dhcp is installed and the
> "/etc/network/interfaces" file is correct. allthough I am a "newb" so Ill
> attach that...
> When i tried the network restart it gave me:
> Reconfiguring network interfaces: cat: /var/run/dhclient.pid: no such file
> or directory
> done
> So I checked the syslog, it says:
> Jun 9 14:25:38 ingersoll dhclient-2.2.x: socket: Protocol not available -
> make sure CONFIG_PACKET and CONFIG_FILTER are defined in your kernel
> configuration!
> Jun 9 14:25:38 ingersoll dhclient-2.2.x: exiting.
> Do I do that?

Apparently, DHCP insists on having this options set in the kernel
configuration. So check if they are; there should be a file
/boot/config-<your kernel-version> that holds the configuration
of the running kernel.

> If so, where is that in the little xconfig screen with all
> the buttons?

Under 'Networking Options' or something like that. An up-to-date xconfig
shows the name of the configuration item you are dealing with, at the
top of the help screen for that item I believe.



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